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October 15, 2012
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Gasping for air, Stephano dragged himself down the dirt path, leaving behind a trail of blood. Pewdie was walking down the path telling himself how much "he didn't like this." Stephano opened his eye and collapsed. Pewdie saw Stephano in a puddle of blood and screamed.

An hour earlier, Stephano waited for Pewdie in the darkness. He kicked a rock across the floor. Stephano herd footsteps and drew his sword. A dark figure approached Stephano from behind and knocked him out.

When Stephano woke up, he was tied up to a tree. Stephano struggled but he was tied up tight.
He heard grunting noises growing louder and louder as he was surrounded by Bros.

"What is all of this? Where am I?!" He cried. The dark figure approached him and it was a Humanized Barrel. The Barrel picked up Stephano's sword that was on the ground. The barrel pointed the blade at the golden man's throat.

"I thought Pewdie would enjoy a little surprise." The Barrel sneered. Stephano struggled to get free. The Barrel pointed a finger at Stephano, signaling the Bros to attack.

The Bros used their claws to cut gashes into Stephano's arms. He bit his lip, and struggled more. Stephano groaned out of pain and tried not to scream. One of the Bros picked up a large rock and hurled it at the statue's leg. Shattering the bone, the impact shot pain through his leg and then his spine. The pain made Stephano scream in pain. The Barrel laughed at Stephano's suffering. Stephano bit his lip, but that did nothing to subside the pain. The Bros kept cutting into Stephano's arms until the wound went through muscle and into bone. Stephano struggled as hard as he could but he wasn't free. The Bro used his claw and ran it up Stephano's face. Stephano bit his lip again, but he didn't know what to expect. The Bro jabbed its claw right into the golden man's eye. The claw dug into the eye and into the socket. Stephano felt the urge to scream, and when he was certain the Bro had ripped out his eye, he let out a scream so loud, it frightened the Barrel, the Bro everyone. Stephano struggled some more and the ropes loosened. He fell to the ground and limped out of the woods.

Stephano didn't have the strength to walk, or even limp. He found himself crawling on the ground, seeking help. He felt his strength subsiding as he went limp. As soon as he did, Pewdie had found him.

When Stephano awoke, he was all patched up and shirtless. (He has pants, you pervs) Bandages covered every wound and the wounds kept bleeding, but very slowly. Stephano opened his eye. He heard Pewdie call out his name he blinked.

"Jesus Christ, Pewdie...what the hell happened?" Stephano asked. Pewdie wiped his eyes.
"I found you on some dirt path, and you were all bloody and...uh..." Stephano used some strength to face-palm.
"Pewdie, are you crying?" Stephano asked? Pewdie was wide-eyed and he sniffed.
"What?! What, I wasn't crying!! I'm a grown-ass man!! I'm just concerned, that's all!" Pewdie said. Stephano rolled his eye and he noticed that one of his eyes were stitched shut. He tried to open it, but the stitches pulled at his skin and it hurt.
"Stephano, stop!! You're eye is stitched shut b-because...a bro ripped it out." Stephano was shocked and sat up in terror.
"MY EYE?! I LOST AN EYE?! Oh...oh my god..." He said. He placed his hand on the stitched-shut eyelid and pressed down. there was no eyeball there. Nausea filled Stephano's stomach. He was in shock. Pewdie patted his shoulder.
"You'll be fine, bro. It's an eye." He said. Stephano smacked his hand away.
"YEAH, I NEED EYES TO SEE, ASSHOLE!!" After noticing that Pewdie looked hurt, Stephano sighed.
"I didn't mean to get angry. I'm just...y'know, shocked." He said. Pewdie smiled a little.
"I think Mr. Chair knows a little about medical shit. Lets see if he can fixed your wounds." Pewdie said. Stephano used most of his strength to stand, but fell back on the bed.
"Y'know what? I'll find him. You rest." Pewdie said. As Pewdie left the room, Stephano sighed and rubbed his face. He may have lost an eye, but he still had his best friend.
2) In the fanfic, Piggeh and Mr. Chair aren't fighting in the BG, they're fighting because Mr. Chair is keeping Piggeh from sexually harassing Stephano while he's not wearing a shirt
3) In the fanfic, it says that Stephano's eye was stitched shut. But nope ^^;
4) I decided that this little mess Stephano got into is included in my Pewdie Timeline thing in my head. Like all the events lead up to the next pictures, and for the next pics of mine, Stephano's eye is missing.

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nana012 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013   Writer
I had read this story three time alright and I still bloody love it you did a good job on this one  (:
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( I cryyelled when stephano let out a scream i was like NOOO)
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SharkyTheGreatWhite1 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012
Stephano, wait! I've got your eye here, i found it in the woods! The problem is, it's messed up... I will use my shark waterbend powers to make your eye better! *...5 minutes of waterbending...* Here's your eye! *gives eye to Stephano*
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Y-yea, i was talking to him last night.......i should make him a get well pie....
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